Acupunture For Sports Injuries

Acupuncture is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine, it’s used to channel the energy force of the body which is referred to as ‘chi’. It is believed that when the body presents with pain, there is a blockage on one of the bodies 12 bilateral meridians which chi flows from.

Acupuncture for sports injuries or dry needling can be used alone or with greater effect in combination with deep tissue sports massage giving the most effective treatment within the time given.

Acupuncture for sports injuries can be used the majority of the time in most cases with great outcomes but there are a few cases in which it is inappropriate.

Contra-indication or cautions:

  • Needle phobia
  • Low pain threshold/tolerance
  • Hunger or low blood sugar/not eaten or hydrated well
  • Diabetic, congestive heart conditions/ cardiac arrhythmias/ anticoagulants
  • Patients with impaired sensations/ post stroke or nerve problems/ neural conditions
  • During pregnancy


  • Pain relief
  • Relief of general superficial symptoms
  • Relief of tight tissue, muscle, fascia, ligament, tendon
  • Increase in circulation
  • Improved relaxation and wellbeing

Acupuncture or dry needling involves the insertion of fine acupuncture needles into trigger points, meridians of the body or tight bands of muscles that are holding tension.

Post treatment you should feel no pain afterwards but in some cases it can leave you feeling tired,  slightly light headed or drowsy for the next 24 hour so please have this in mind.