Holistic therapy is fast evolving with society realising the negative effects high stress places on the body.  Massage can be a very useful tool in stress reduction and returning the body to homeostasis, its natural balance.


Relaxation massage is a gentle form of the above massage techniques using more of a holistic approach on the body and head to relieve stress and totally relax the mind and body. Largely focussing on the shoulders, neck and head using candles, calming music and heated towels to enhance this warm cosy environment, you are sure to leave feeling de-stressed and ready for bed.


DTM can assist in helping reduce the effects of tight muscles, lower back pain and injury prevention.  Massage is an effective way of aiding physical recovery and improving posture and performance.

It can help regenerate, elongate and detoxify tight muscles, increasing recovery time, promoting health and wellbeing.
In particular if you are a sports person with a high training volume, returning after injury or a new comer to sports with a goal in mind, sports massage can assist in injury prevention and is vital in the recovery process.

Benefits include:

Flushing toxins from the body, improved circulation, lymphatic drainage, elongating muscle fibres, easing muscle soreness from tight tissues, easing tension headaches and reducing neck, back and shoulder pain, improved sleep and posture, ease joint soreness from osteoarthritis or RA, main areas are the knees, wrists, ankles, back and shoulders.


Massage effects people in different ways, some feel tired or a little foggy minded and others totally re-energised, so please bare this in mind for the travel home. I always recommend that people relax after a massage to get the most out of the treatment and this recovery time.  You may also feel slightly bruised or sore, emotional, hungry/thirsty over the following days so be sure to re-hydrate and eat a healthy diet to aid recovery.


On occasions massage can be counter-productive, providing a negative effect on the healing process of the body, this would be discussed before treatment.

Global contraindication prevent the application of massage globally, include words like as acute, severe, contagious, uncontrolled and undiagnosed.  The list below is a rough outline of possible contraindications which would be discussed before deciding on the appropriate treatment or offering a referral to another healthcare professional for advice, emergency first aid etc.

Contraindications include:

Recent surgeries, heart or lung disease, deep-vein thrombosis, severe sports injury, severe oedema, shock, strong medications, uncontrolled hypotension, alcohol or recreational drug use, muscle/tendon/ligament ruptures and severe swelling to the area, acute hypo or hyperthermia, acute injuries (first aid required), injections, compartment syndrome, infectious skin disease or conditions, feeling unwell, run down, Cold or flu like symptoms, newly diagnosed tumours/cancers, open wounds/burns, uncontrolled blood pressure, blood conditions

Local Contraindications are different to global in the fact that they allow you to proceed with the massage treatment but avoiding the affected areas, so the following maybe considered a contraindication but working around the area would not be of detrimental effect: Bruises, contusions, dermatitis, folliculitis, fractures, fungal infections, hernias, open wounds, radiations, severe varicose veins, sunburn, metal pins and plates, fractures, pacemakers, tumours, undiagnosed skin disorders, verruca’s.


Muscle energy technique is a direct technique targeting joint mobility in which the client uses a moderate force to actively contract a particular muscle against a resistive force.  This force is applied by the therapist in order to assist and amend the musculoskeletal problem presented.

The technique is very effective in restoring muscle tone in hypertonic muscles, strengthening weak muscles, increasing joint mobility, helping regain full range of motion, muscle function and enhancing circulation.


Soft Tissue Release is a very powerful technique used in order to release deep tension within certain muscles using applied pressure and stretching in order to encourage movement within the muscle.

The technique involves direct pressure being applied in the form of a lock whilst a stretch is performed.  It can be used on a particular muscle group or on a specific area of connective tissue in order to produce the following: